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Mayra Colón- Wellness Advocate

Mayra Colón is a 34 year old Puerto Rican Health and Wellness Advocate. For years she has been obsessed with reading and researching anything that has to do with health, wellness, weight loss, nutrition and holistic ways to become overall healthy and feel better.

About 6 or 7 years ago, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto Hypothyroid. she have suffered from a lot of weight gain and weight loss, lack of energy, adrenal fatigue, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, joint pain, headaches, digestive issues and more. For years she felt like there was something wrong with her but neither herself nor the doctors could find anything wrong.

After much research she found out that her own Auto-Immune system was backfiring on me. Since most Auto-Immune diseases have similar symptoms most times is very hard to diagnose even by doctors. After she finally diagnosed by a doctor she wanted to find out everything there was about her disease, like:

  • Can it be prevented from getting worse
  • Why did I get it in the first place
  • Will it ever go away or be cured
  • What can I do to make myself feel better
  • How can I make these symptoms go away

And that is how her journey to Health and Wellness started.

Her Journey:

In this long journey of health and wellness she’s learned something very important about herself.

She was not patient! She wanted to see results immediately and most times ended up frustrated with herself. (and I bet a lot of people can relate to this)

One thing she learned is that it’s not how fast you see results but how consistent are you. It’s about not giving up and very important not listening to what people say. We are all different and our journey is going to look different. Especially when you are dealing with health issues, auto-immune diseases, adrenal fatigue, candida and so much more...

Health is achieved one step at a time,

  • making little changes here and there
  • start being more active one day at a time
  • being patient with yourself

Also something very important is, “don't compare yourself to others.” (I've done this so many times) Like I said we are all different with different metabolisms, body structure, muscle mass and most important different health issues. We can't all eat the same foods, do the same exercises, and get results in the same amount of time. A lot of us fall for those lose 10lbs in 3 days or even 10 days. The problem is that you might gain a pound or 2 instead of losing and then you get frustrated and give up. Believe me I know, I've been there many times.

The reason she want to share her story and dedicate my life to be a health and wellness advocate is? Because she is not alone. I know a lot of people struggle with losing weight and being healthy. (even if they are not showing that they are) They try and fail over and over and end up giving up.

But she want you all to know It is NOT your fault!

You might have an undiagnosed disease, an autoimmune disease, candida over growth, adrenal fatigue, stress or so many other unknown things that affect our body. The sad part is that a lot of us take it so personal that we end up hurting ourselves by trying all these different diets and even exercises that our body can't handle and end up giving up on ourselves. So much that we end up shoving chocolate and ice cream down out throat because we feel like a failure and it doesn't matter anyway. "I am destined to have this body so why bother?" Am I right?

We have all been misled to believe in all these fad diets going around, fast food and marketing make it impossible for us to find out the truth about our food industries. Another big problem we have is that doctors are trained to prescribe medicine that only treat a disease but not cure. They are not trained in prevention and nutrition. Even most dieticians and nutritionists are trained to treat everyone the same. They have a one size fit all diet which is not the right way to go about nutrition. We are all different and need to be treated differently. Our metabolism, body type, blood type, conditions, lifestyle, surrounding atmosphere and diseases are very important when deciding what nutrition plan works better for us.

Those who know me know that I've been at this for years! I lose weight, I gain weight, I lose even more weight and then I gain even more weight. For many years I felt like there was something wrong with me. Little that I know that YES, there was something wrong with me. Many years of an undiagnosed underactive thyroid gland, after being diagnosed I did not get enough information about the disease, not understanding what an autoimmune disease was and for many years not even knowing that her "hypo-thyroid disease" was in fact an auto-immune disease like lupus, fibromyalgia, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and so many more... she had no clue that what I was dealing with could hurt me so much as all these other diseases she had heard of before. She never knew that because of this she is more likely to have all these other conditions and symptoms. Like candida over growth, inflammation that causes joint pain, adrenal fatigue, lactose and gluten intolerances, low functioning gallbladder and others.

The reason she is telling her story, again it’s because she know that many others are suffering silently and are indeed seeking for help and guidance. She is not a doctor or dietician, she will not treat or cure any diseases but she WILL make it my mission to share all the information that she has learned over the years and help as much people she can along my continuing journey. She want to create awareness and help people understand that our nutrition is the #1 factor that can either cause a disease or prevent it. She am currently enrolled in a Integrative Nutrition school and I am well on my way of being a Certified Health Coach.

The difference between a Nutritionist and a Health Coach is that they focus on bio-individuality which means that we are all different and we will focus on what that one person needs according to their health history. We don’t treat our clients with a one size fits all diet but more focus on their individual needs. Like she said before what might be good for one person might not work on another. What’s good for you might be poison to her.

We also focus on primary foods which doesn’t necessarily mean “food”. These primary foods are: Physical Activity, Career, Relationships and Spirituality. 

Her Mission:

Is to Inspire as much people I can to pursue a Happy and Healthy Life!

For now I will leave you with these tips that I am applying to my own life:

  • Be patient
  • Don't give up
  • One day at a time
  • Have faith
  • Practice meditation, a relaxing exercise, or any spiritual practice of choice
  • Start experimenting with food (what is good for others might not be good for you)
  • Diets don't work
  • Choose healthier foods (remember one food at a time and one day at a time)
  • Drink more Water (remember our bodies are 75% water)
  • Don't expect immediate results
  • Go for a walk or start an exercise routine
  • Take the stairs once in a while or everyday
  • Read a good book
  • Don't compare yourself to others
  • Take time for yourself
  • Do what you love (could be a hobby or starting a business, whatever makes YOU happy!)

A healthy lifestyle and ideal weight is possible! Be Patient!

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