Literary Corner- Poetry by: Ilyssa Pilar Burton Martinez

Literary Corner


By: I. Pilar

Baby I will undress you with all the little lies

The insecurity you wrap yourself in….

Jumping from one light to another

Measuring yourself by every pretty smile

Painting and repainting the same picture hoping

It comes up less wanting

Baby I will undress you and never think of you again…



He said you are foul mouthed,


Sharp tonged.

So unladylike

I mend shattered spirits in twilight hours

Undress with profanity till I am bare

I stand whole in imperfection

I am rough, chipping slowly at the façade

You call your life

Sharp tongued and foul mouthed

I am begging … for a sparring partner

By: I Pilar


I love you

I felt the word like a slap to the face

It burned, I could feel my skin flush, numb, tingles down your spine

When all you’re feeling is…. Fear

I looked into his eyes and I could feel it

My eyes burned, I was crying, one heave tear at a time,

I closed my eyes tight, I could feel his thumb against my cheek,

I could feel his gaze enveloping me


He leaned in kissing my forehead whispering into my skin, I am yours

I will hold you through the fear

By: I . Pilar


I asked him why

He laid there watching

The curls fall gently

Across olive skin

Tracing up her should,

Memorizing  her smirk


I brushed his hair back

Slowly asking .. why ?

He leaned in closer, wantonly…

His lips met the eager

Lips of sunlight.

He’d been dreaming


She was a beautiful

Figment of wasted moments …

All he could think was .. why …

  • I . Pilar


How do I hold your pain

Ease your desolation

Deaden what suffocates you..


It was as if she was praying

Pressed to my chest

Her breath, slowly. matching. mine ...



I traced his chest,

He asked what do you see ..

I see constellations just for me

I see peace for when I am weak

I see my future in a world that’s bent on

breaking me. -IB




He said I love you .

What does that mean

The things I hide.

What I deny..

The broken parts of me?  - IB

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