Become a University at Buffalo Police Officer

Come join our team! The New York State Department of Civil Service has announced that the next exam for University Police Officer 1 will he held on February 1, 2020.


Come Learn About the Job

University Police Officers will be there to explain the application process as well as the pay and benefits that come with the position.

There are two sessions planned:

November 23, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

December 7, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Both sessions will take place at the UB EOC at 465 Washington St, Buffalo, New York 14203.

The entrance exam for University Police will be given by NYS Civil Service on February 1, 2020. The UB Educational Opportunity Center will be partnering with the University Police to host test preparation classes in January. In order to take advantage of these prep classes you must first sign up for the exam. EOC test specialists will be attending the information sessions in order to help candidates sign up for the exam.

What We Do

A University Police Officer at UB is responsible for the detection and prevention of crime, and the enforcement of state and local laws, rule and regulations in a diverse educational environment throughout the University at Buffalo's three campuses.

Officers are part of the educational process and teach on such topics as crime prevention, drug awareness, sexual assault and traffic safety. They develop and maintain a positive relationship with students, faculty and staff in order to ensure the safety and cooperation of the entire campus community.


In order to qualify for the civil service exam to become a University Police Officer, all candidates must possess a minimum of 60 college credits; this educational requirement is a higher standard than many municipal or county law enforcement agencies. Many officers in University Police possess Bachelor's and/or Master’s degrees.

Following the written test, candidates who scored high enough to be reachable must pass a standardized physical test that involves pushups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run. Following the physical agility testing, candidates advancing must clear psychological and medical screening. In addition, substantial background testing/checking takes place, including fingerprinting.


On or before February 1, 2020, you must have successfully completed 60 semester credit hours of college-level study.

If you expect to meet the educational requirements by June 30, 2020, you can be admitted to the written test but you cannot be considered for appointment until you submit proof of successful completion of the educational requirements to the appointing State University of New York campus.


- Either -

Two years of active military service with an honorable discharge may be substituted for 30 of the 60 college semester credit hours; indicate dates and branch of service in the experience portion of the application

- Or -

Successful completion of a New York State Municipal Police Training Council approved Pre-Employment Training Program and eligibility to complete the second phase of such training program that has not lapsed may be substituted for 30 of the 60 college semester credit hours; please indicate the school attended and the date of completion in the license/certification portion of the application.

University Police Officer 1 (Various Language Proficiencies): Candidates who are proficient in a language other than English and are interested in using that skill as a University Police Officer 1 should apply for the “Various Language Proficiencies” option. Campuses currently have University Police Officer 1 (Spanish Language) positions and may establish additional language positions. The Various Language Proficiencies eligible lists will be used to fill all University Police Officer 1 language positions. You will inform the State University of New York campus of your specific language proficiencies upon receiving a canvass letter from the campus. Before you can be offered an appointment, you will be required to pass a performance test to demonstrate your language proficiency.

Important: As the processing fee is non-refundable, verify that you entered the correct examination number and title on your online or paper application prior to submitting. If you apply online, you should immediately review your email confirmation notice to verify that you applied for the correct examination. If you do not receive a confirmation number after submitting your online application, your application was NOT received by the Department of Civil Service. No late applications will be accepted after the filing deadline has passed.

  1. University Police Officers are public officers under state law. At appointment you must be resident of New York State and at least 20 years old. You cannot have passed your 35th birthday on the date of the written test. However, time spent on military duty or on terminal leave, not exceeding a total of six years, shall be subtracted from your age if you have passed your 35th birthday.
  2. New York State Residency and United States Citizenship: Although not required for taking the test, you must be a citizen of the United States at the time of appointment. If appointed, you must maintain New York State residency pursuant to the Public Officers Law.
  3. As stated in Section 58 of the Civil Service Law, at the time of appointment, you must have a high school diploma, high school equivalency diploma issued by a recognized educational authority, or a USAFI GED high school level diploma.
  4. You must possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State at the time of appointment and continuously thereafter.

Physical/Medical Requirements: Your physical and medical condition will be evaluated to ensure that you are able to satisfactorily perform the duties of this position with or without reasonable accommodation. The physical/medical standards include but are not limited to: uncorrected distant acuity not less than 20/100 in each eye; corrected distant visual acuity better than or equal to 20/30 (Snellen) in each eye. Candidates must also have satisfactory color vision perception. Failure to meet the standards may result in your disqualification. A complete statement of the physical and medical standards is available at: A medical examination will be required prior to appointment, and you are responsible for payment of the clinical laboratory test fee. Appointees to this position may be required to undergo periodic medical examinations to reassess their ability to perform the essential duties of the position. Eligibles will be called to the physical/medical screening in score order as needed to fill existing and anticipated vacancies.

Agility: A physical agility performance test consisting of a distance run, sit-ups, and push-ups must be successfully completed. Copies of the agility standards and details may be obtained by writing to the Office of University Police, State University of New York, State University Plaza, Albany, NY 12246. If you are not subsequently selected for appointment, a record of successful completion of the agility test will be maintained by Systems Administration of the State University of New York, and is valid for one year from the date taken.

Drug Testing: Prior to appointment, you will be required to participate in a drug screening test and are responsible for the clinical lab fee. Failure to meet the standards may result in your disqualification.

Psychological Evaluation: Prior to appointment, you will be required to participate in a psychological evaluation to determine your fitness to perform the essential duties of the position. Failure to meet the standards may result in your disqualification.

Investigative Screening: Because of the nature of the position there is a background investigation, including, but not limited to: education, military, employment, credit, drug use and criminal records. Applicants must authorize access to these records. This investigation may include interviews of family, neighbors, associates and others. Derogatory information will be evaluated and may result in disqualification. A complete background check will be required, including a fingerprint check with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and the FBI. You will be responsible for payment of the required fees. All convictions must be reported. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor, or any falsified or omitted information, may bar appointment or result in removal after appointment, depending upon the relationship of the violation or omission to the duties of the position. You must be legally eligible to carry a firearm and must range qualify in firearms operation after appointment.

Tattoo Policy: Eligibles must comply with State University of New York University Police Officer policy which requires all members to present a neat and professional appearance at all times. Tattoos, brands, body piercings and other body art shall not be visible while a member is in uniform or other business attire. The uniform includes a short sleeve shirt open at the front of the neck.

Training: Within one year of initial appointment you must successfully complete a designated police basic training course in order to be certified as a police officer and retained in this position. The position is subject to a probationary period of between 52 and 78 weeks.

Your final score must be 70 or higher in order to pass. Rank on the eligible list will be determined after adding any wartime veterans' and Civil Service Law Section 85-a credits to your final passing score.


Upon successful completion of the selection process, recruits begin training at a Basic School for Police Officers. Recruits will receive training in such areas as:

  • Criminal Procedure Law
  • Penal Law
  • Investigation Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Vehicle and Traffic Law
  • Accident Investigation
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Communications
  • Firearms Training
  • Community Relations
  • Crime Prevention
  • Physical Fitness/Wellness
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Supervised Field Training
  • Police Functions


Pay and Benefits

  • The current starting rate for a University Police Officer is $50,610.
  • University Police Officers are enrolled in the NYS Police and Fire retirement system.
  • Health insurance provided through the NYSHIP's Empire Plan.
  • Officers accrue 20 paid vacation days their first year and accruals increase with each year of service.

Apply Today!

You can apply for the civil service exam today! Go to the New York State Civil Service web page at to apply now. Applications must be recieved by Civil Service by 12/18/2019.

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