Willie Rosas Wins Race to become Mayor of Dunkirk

Willie Rosas Wins Race to become Mayor of Dunkirk

By: Marcos Lebron

In what many considered a David and Goliath primary fight, current Council at Large member Willie Rosas has beat out incumbent mayor Anthony J. Dolce.

It what appears a landslide victory; voters in the city of Dunkirk have decided they want change in city Hall. Not only did Rosas beat Dolce on the Democratic line in won the independence and Working Families

City resident Kevin Lopinski indicated that he voted for Rosas because he felt the city was going in the wrong direction.

Susan Visco a city resident for 50 years, said “ I am tired of the corruption in city hall” Mayor Dolce was heading in the same direction as our previous mayor who appear to be in trouble with the law. “ I am hopeful that under a Rosas administration we will see job growth and economic development of our waterfront.

Mayor Elect Willie Rosas said “ the public has spoken and they want change. I have looking forward to providing the change the residents are looking for. I am on working with the current mayor, the City Council, the Governor and the legislator to help bring Dunkirk to the forefront. Likewise, I will work hard to reduce water rates and taxes while growing our economy.

With is election as Mayor, Willie Rosas becomes the first elected Hispanic mayor in New York State.