Parent & Community Leader Joins School Board Race: Jennifer Mecozzi Announces Bid...

Parent & Community Leader Joins School Board Race: Jennifer Mecozzi Announces Bid for West District

Will Bring Parent Voice Back to the Buffalo Board of Education

(Buffalo, NY)  Jennifer Mecozzi officially announced her candidacy today for the Buffalo Board of Education for the West District in front of a crowd of fifty parents, students, and community members at Lafayette High School. As a parent of three Buffalo public school students and a longtime leader in PUSH, she pledged to bring the perspective of parents and community members back to the Board.

Concerned about the direction of Buffalo’s public schools, Mecozzi pointed to the need for engaging families and communities. She explained that better communication to inform parents about what is happening inside the schools; listening to the concerns, ideas, and needs from the community; and building solutions that work for Buffalo with all stakeholders (parents and families, students, staff, and the community) is essential.

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“It isn’t acceptable to just make decisions that affect our children and then simply present them to us in an unwrapped box,” said Mecozzi. “I am running to create a culture of engagement and inclusion. I plan to stand strong and be the vehicle to deliver the voices of parents, students, caregivers, and teachers so that they are heard.”

While there has been a tremendous investment in Buffalo’s public school buildings, what happens inside the schools has not received the same attention. Mecozzi called on the Board of Education to make similar investments in better programs, better curricula, better services, and better relationships between all stakeholders.

“Buffalo has invested in the beautification of our public schools, and yet we have not taken enough steps to turn them around. My record is proof that I can represent the needs and interests of Buffalo’s parents. Buffalo Public Schools have served my children well, and many of their friends.

It’s not time to throw in the towel; it’s time for a new direction. I am ready!”

Buffalo Public Schools face the challenge of meeting the needs of a diverse group of learners. With Buffalo’s influx of refugees and immigrants, more languages are spoken here than in any other district in the state. Buffalo’s schools need more services to engage these students and their families, without ignoring the needs of the traditionally underserved populations, mainly the poor and people of color.

“Every student deserves the opportunity to excel in Buffalo Public Schools.

I will fight for more funding to bring back aides and services to accommodate all children. We are nationally recognized for our diversity; let’s embrace and welcome this by putting funds into solutions, not putting the real challenges on the back burner.”

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