No Questions Asked, Pre-Paid Cash Cards for Guns

    BUFFALO—Mayor Byron Brown announced that his Administration’s seventh “No Questions Asked” Gun BuyBack Program will take place on Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at six drop-off sites across Buffalo.

    “The penalty of owning an illegal gun in New York is now tougher than ever,” said Mayor Brown, noting that since 2006, the City of Buffalo has removed more than 11,000 guns from city streets, nearly 4,500 of those weapons seized through the Gun BuyBack program. “Instead of having guns laying around the house where anyone can get to them, we urge people who have illegal guns or unwanted guns to use this Gun BuyBack event as an opportunity to get those weapons out of their possession.”

    The past six gun buyback efforts have yielded a total of 4,457 guns turned in by city residents. Participants received over $200,000 through pre-paid credit card incentives, distributed at each drop-off location.
    Buffalo Police Commissioner Dan Derenda said, “We have reduced overall crime by nearly 25% since 2005 and made getting dangerous weapons off the streets a top priority.”

    As in past years, the goals for the Gun BuyBack program are:
    • To provide safer neighborhoods throughout the City of Buffalo
    • To support Mayor Brown’s Zero Tolerance Law Enforcement Agenda
    • To instill a sense of confidence and safety among the city’s law abiding residents
    To help promote the August 16th Gun BuyBack effort, Lamar Outdoor Advertising has once again provided creative design support along with outdoor advertising locations throughout the city to post billboards that raise awareness about the program.

    On Saturday, August 16, 2014, the City of Buffalo’s Gun BuyBack will take place at the following locations:

    East Side Location:                           South Buffalo Location:
    True Bethel Baptist Church              St. Thomas Aquinas Church
    907 East Ferry Street                         450 Abbott Road

    Downtown Location:                          West Side Location
    St. John Baptist Church                    Primera United Methodist Church 
    184 Goodell Street                             62 Virginia Street 

    North Buffalo Location:                     Riverside Location
    Church of the Good Shepherd         St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
    96 Jewett Parkway                             311 Ontario Street

    “I want to thank all of our participating faith-based organizations and their respective pastors for their commitment to this important program,” said Mayor Brown.
    Pre-paid bank cash cards will be provided, No Questions Asked, in the following denominations:
    • $10.00  Non-working or antique guns (including BB guns and pellet guns)
    • $50.00  Rifles/Shotguns
    • $75.00  Handguns
    • $100.00 Assault Weapons (e.g., Uzi’s AK-47s)

    The overall Gun BuyBack effort is financed by asset forfeiture funds that have been acquired by the city through the seizure of monies from illegal drug and other criminal activities in Buffalo.