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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has resigned following allegations of assault by four women.

The New Yorker magazine published a report quoting the women, two of them ex-girlfriends, who accused Mr Schneiderman, 63, of hitting them.

Mr Schneiderman has been a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and a fierce opponent of President Donald Trump.

In a statement, Mr Schneiderman said he “strongly contests” the allegations.

“In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity,” the statement says. “I have not assaulted anyone. I have never engaged in non-consensual sex, which is a line I would not cross.”

Mr Schneiderman said: “While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time.”

Mr Schneiderman became attorney general in 2010 and had intended to run for re-election to the post this year.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had called for Mr Schneiderman’s resignation, following the reports.

“No-one is above the law, including New York’s top legal officer,” he said. “I do not believe it is possible for Eric Schneiderman to continue to serve as attorney general.”

Mr Cuomo said he would ask a prosecutor to investigate the allegations.

Michelle Manning Barish (above): After four weeks of being involved with Mr Schneiderman, she says that, as they were preparing for bed and still fully clothed, he “all of a sudden, just slapped me, open-handed and with great force, across the face” and then pushed her down and began to choke her. She says: “This was under no circumstances a sex game gone wrong… I did not consent to physical assault.” She says he later said: “You know, hitting an officer of the law is a felony.”

Tanya Selvaratnam: Says Mr Schneiderman warned her he could have her followed and phone-tapped and said he would kill her if she broke up with him, all of which he denies. The Sri Lanka-born author and actor says Mr Schneiderman called her “brown slave”, adding: “Sometimes, he’d tell me to call him Master, and he’d slap me until I did.”

Third romantic partner: Says he repeatedly subjected her to non-consensual physical violence.

Fourth woman: A prominent lawyer, says Mr Schneiderman slapped her with force after she rebuffed his advances.

“After the most difficult month of my life – I spoke up,” Ms Manning Barish wrote on Twitter after the allegations were published.

“For my daughter and for all women. I could not remain silent and encourage other women to be brave for me.”

Jennifer Cunningham, Mr Schneiderman’s ex-wife, released a statement on Monday saying: “I’ve known Eric for nearly 35 years as a husband, father, and friend… I find it impossible to believe these allegations are true.”

Last month, the New Yorker won a joint Pulitzer Prize with the New York Times for its reporting on sexual harassment in Hollywood.

The reports brought down film mogul Harvey Weinstein, who has denied dozens of sexual misconduct allegations.


Music and Arts Festival of the Tonawandas to take place in the City of Tonawanda & North Tonawanda  

The Carnegie Art Center and Gateway Harbor will host the 1st Annual Music and Arts Festival of the Tonawandas in the city of Tonawanda and North Tonawanda from July 31- August 4th, 2018. The event will feature a variety of music, art, food, art activities for families and more on both sides of the Gateway Harbor in addition to local businesses, galleries and museums in both cities throughout the week. This event will celebrate the rich history and strong art communities of the Tonawandas. A full schedule of events and updates can be found on the Facebook page.

The Music and Arts Festival of the Tonawandas will kick off on Tuesday, July 31. From 11-6PM, the Corning Glass Barge and the Lois McClue Boat will be parked in the Gateway Harbor and will host open tours for the public. Webster’s Bistro will host a Farm to Table Block Party that evening as well. At 5PM, Webster’s Bistro will host painters, musicians and chefs demonstrating the visual and culinary arts outside on the street. Dinner will begin approximately at 7PM featuring a farm to table theme where attendees will gather around communal tables. Local artist, Jody Ziehm will be the featured artist at this event. Reservations for the dinner can be made by calling Webster’s Bistro directly.  

On Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 6-10PM: Gateway Harbor will host The Who Tribute Concert for free on the North Tonawanda side. The concert will also feature a guest visual artist.

On Thursday, August 2, 2018 5-8PM: Gateway Harbor will feature Food Truck Thursday on the Tonawanda Side in the Young Street “hub” featuring food trucks, live music, a craft show and other activities.  

On Friday, August 3, 2018 at 8PM: The Riveria Theatre will host a Shania Twain & Garth Brooks Tribute band. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased on the theatre’s website or box office.

On Saturday, August 4, 2018: We will close out the art festival week with a daylong Art Walk in N. Tonawanda and Tonawanda. The Art Walk will feature art shows and family friendly activities at galleries, businesses and museums throughout North Tonawanda and Tonawanda including:

10AM -2PM: Art activities for kids on the Tonawanda (Young Street hub) and North Tonawanda sides of Gateway Harbor in addition to local food and live music.  

10AM-5PM: Various locations around N. Tonawanda and Tonawanda will showcase artists and art activities including the Carnegie Art Center, local galleries, the Downtown Merchants Association, the Oliver Street Merchants Association highlighting the Oliver Street Art Festival hosted by the Project 308 Gallery and more! A full schedule of events and locations will be available online and as a print out.   

4-6PM: An Art Auction will take place at the Carnegie Art Center featuring artwork created during the Music & Arts Festival. Proceeds will benefit the participating artists and the 2019 Music & Art Festival.

The Music and Arts Festival of the Tonawandas is made possible by a committee made up of community members from the Carnegie Art Center, Gateway Harbor, River Art Gallery, Project 308 Gallery, Partners in Art, N. Tonawanda and Tonawanda youth centers and local businesses. The committee is currently seeking sponsors to support the festival. Sponsorships start at $25. The committee is also seeking artists to participate and venues to host artists. These inquiries can be sent to nataliebrown628@gmail.com.


Please join us as we celebrate the arrival of the Corning Glass barge and the Lois McClure boat to the Tonawandas and continue to celebrate the arts all week long.


El ministro de Energía, Yuval Steinitz, aseguró que aunque no hay intenciones de llegar a una escalada militar, el país está listo para repeler cualquier ataque

El ministro israelí de Energía, Yuval Steinitz, dijo hoy que si el presidente sirio, Bacharal Asad, “sigue permitiendo que los iraníes operen desde Siria, Israel le eliminará y derrocará a su régimen”, informó el diario digital Ynet.

Así se pronunció el miembro del Gabinete de Seguridad del país durante una entrevista con el medio, al que expuso que “no hay disposición en absoluto” ante la posibilidad de una guerra en el frente norte del país.

Sus declaraciones llegan horas después de que los informativos israelíes abrieran anoche con la alerta de un posible e inminente ataque con misiles iraníes en el norte de Israel, en represalia a los bombardeos contra bases sirias que se atribuyen al país.

“Sabemos que los iraníes están muy cerca de terminar las preparaciones para el lanzamiento de cohetes a Israel como represalia. Intentan desarrollar una maquinaria de guerra en Siria y nosotros estamos decididos a pararlos”, afirmó en una rueda de prensa telefónica el major general retirado Yaakov Amidror, antiguo asesor de seguridad nacional e investigador para el Instituto de Estudios Estratégicos de Jerusalén.

Amidror aseveró que los objetivos de los iraníes serían militares y sostuvo que Israel “no tiene interés en ampliar esta operación”, pero si algo ocurriera, “tendrán que pagar por ello”.

Los medios locales, entre ellos el Canal 10 de noticias, aseguran que los servicios de inteligencia y militares han identificado movimientos iraníes en Siria para llevar a cabo la represalia.

“Israel ha identificado recientemente con seguridad preparativos iraníes para disparar hacia el norte”, dijo el informativo del Canal 10, que añadió: “No estamos en el umbral de una guerra con Irán, pero Irán está muy decidido a llevar a cabo un ataque”, citando fuentes de Defensa no identificadas.

El diario Haaretz indicó que Israel ha detectado una implicación inusual de la milicia libanesa proiraní Hizbulá en las preparaciones de Irán para la represalia que prometieron después de que la base militar T-4 fuera atacada el 9 de abril, matando al menos a siete miembros de la Guardia Revolucionaria Iraní que estaban allí como asesores.

El ataque fue atribuido a Israel, aunque este país no ha comentado sobre el asunto.

Ayer, el primer ministro israelí, Benjamin Netanyahu dijo que aunque Israel no está interesado en una escalada militar con Irán, si tuviera que haber un enfrentamiento, él preferiría que fuese más temprano que tarde.

“Estamos dispuestos a impedir el enriquecimiento de Irán, incluso con el coste de un enfrentamiento”, declaró el mandatario al comienzo de su reunión semanal con el gabinete de ministros.





The City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (Agency) is seeking proposals from qualified homebuilders/developers to construct eight (8) market rate homes on eight (8) undeveloped, vacant sites located in the Sycamore Village Subdivision in the City of Buffalo.

The Sycamore Village Subdivision Development is the result of a unique public and private sector partnership that has transformed a 3.86 acre blighted and vacant site into a thriving and vibrant new neighborhood.  Sycamore Village is within walking distance from Buffalo’s central business district and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. The overall area creates a compact, walkable, residential community.  Sixteen (16) new homes have been constructed in Phase I and II, eleven (12) market-rate and four (4) affordable homes.

Proposals should include all information specified in the Request for Proposal which is available in the Agency office located at 65 Niagara Square, City Hall – Room 920, Buffalo, New York 14202 or by contacting Maria Scinta at mscinta@city-buffalo.com.  The proposal package is available on the Agency’s web-site at www.city-buffalo.com/bidsand the City of Buffalo’s web-site at www.city-buffalo.com.  The proposal submission deadline is 4:00 p.m. EST, Wednesday, June 13, 2018.



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