State now turning focus to reopening, strengthening economy as COVID-19 cases continue to fall

On Tuesday Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state will now begin focusing on reopening as new cases of COVID-19 continue to fall

NEW YORK — On Tuesday Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state will now focus on reopening and starting new infrastructure projects throughout the state to restart the economy as new cases of COVID-19 continue to fall.

The State said it intends to ‘supercharge’ the reopening process to help the economy ‘come roaring back,’ according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. He said he believes the economy will come back up, but not immediately like some are predicting.

The Governor said he believes the top echelon of the economy will be fine as reopening begins, but he worries about the middle class and small businesses. In his briefing he called on the federal government to stimulate the economy through investing in infrastructure and construction projects around the state.

If the federal government isn’t able to provide additional funding to the state, Cuomo said he’ll be forced to cut school, police, fire department and hospital funding all by 20%.He is scheduled to meet with President Trump Wednesday.

New COVID-19 cases, as well as COVID-19 related deaths in the state are down to their lowest level since the pandemic began, as 73 people died since the last time the state released information.

Regional control groups will continue to monitor cases of COVID-19 and if numbers begin to spike in their region, Cuomo said the control groups will quickly respond.

The governor reiterated that people need to continue wearing masks, practicing good hand hygiene as well as adhering to social distancing guidelines

Starting Wednesday, the only region of the state that will not have started Phase One is New York City,.



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