Rock legend Sting helps fulfill Buffalo Police officer's dying wish

Multiple sclerosis took its toll on Domingo Santiago, leading him to retire after 20 years on the force and taking away his ability to create art.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Underneath his Buffalo Police uniform, Domingo Santiago was a man who loved nothing more than his family, serving his community, and grabbing a hold of a paintbrush.

"He loved to create. It was his passion. But he knew it was something that wouldn't provide a consistent and stable life," said his daughter, Elizabeth Santiago.

Domingo traded in pursuing an art career to protect his favorite city in the world instead.

Eventually he gave into his creative side. He built an art studio on the back of his house, creating only one portrait.

"That was like his piece de resistance. That was the big piece that he worked on," Elizabeth said.

The Sting fan never was able to get back in the studio though. Domingo was eventually diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The disease took its toll, leading him to retire after 20 years on the force and taking away his ability to create.

"He couldn't even hold a paintbrush. It was devastating to watch that happen," Elizabeth said.

In 2016, Domingo, a dying man, was forced to ask his family for one last wish: get his one and only portrait to Sting.

"In that moment I thought, 'OK, dad.' I'm his daughter, and that's what I'm meant to do then," Elizabeth said.

Four years later, that wish is now being granted all thanks to a "Humans of New York" post that's gone viral.

"It was less than one hour after the posting ... that I got a text message from Mickey, Sting's daughter."

Now that one-of-a-kind painting is on its way to Domingo's biggest icon.

"My dad would be like, 'It's about time you do what you're told,' " Elizabeth said.

Though he isn't able to give it to the rock legend himself, he's celebrating in heaven like a true Sting fan would.

"I think he's dancing to the Police song, 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,' because I did it dad. We did it," Elizabeth said.

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