By: Wilmer Olivencia, Jr.

For the past several months a group of individuals that I consider think tankers have been sitting around a table discussing the political future of our community.  We discussed the apathy that exist among the citizens here in Buffalo and asked the question why?  We compared today with yesterday and looked at what motivated our people to vote and get involve with the political process. Looking at yesterday as far back as the early 70’s and 80’s were advocacy and leadership ran rapid for equality and accessibility to our elected officials for employment at all levels of government.  We realized that the common denominator were JOBS! Yes, the opportunity to earn money to sustain family has always been the great motivator for our community. There have been many civic organizations that have tried to penetrate and impact the political process and while they were active provided positive results. However most of them have been dissolved. Despite bumps and bruises, there is one organization that still stands strong… NOSOTROS.

NOSOTROS, translated in English means “we” or “us” meaning that “we can do it” was created by Augustin”Chito” Olivencia in the 1980’s. He realized that the only way we could have a voice would be to join forces among all groups within the Latino community and begin working for a common cause. The mission would be to create a political presence among the status quo. Not only endorsing candidates but also holding them accountable. To stand behind the candidates that we would endorse, running voter registration drives, collecting signatures, putting up signs and anything else that came along with getting out the vote.  There are not many politicians that don’t know who NOSOTROS is and what we stand for.

Therefore, the group has recommended that we make NOSOTROS stronger than ever. We have created a meeting to invite all those individuals that are interested in joining the organization, individuals that are serious about the development of the Latino community when it comes to the political process and individuals that are interested in running for public office.


When: February 23, 2015

Where: Pucho Inc. Community Center

261 Swan Street

Buffalo, NY 14204

Time:  6:30 p.m.

We truly hope you can make it but please come only if you are serious in contributing productively to the group. We are excited to take NOSOTROS to a whole new level and look forward to having you be a part of it. We have wasted a lot of time in our community and look forward to making up for it by developing leaders and working with all those that can contribute to a better tomorrow for our children and community.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 716-578-6254.

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