Names of 13 priests accused of sexual abuse in Diocese of Buffalo revealed

    A lawyer serving as an advocate for victims has released the names of 13 priests in the Diocese of Buffalo who were accused of sexual abuse.

    “The secrecy breeds shame and shame means those survivors are held back from healing,” Attorney Mike Reck said. “That holds them back from the accountability and the acknowledgment they need and they deserve.”

    The priests of accused of abuse are the following:

    • Fr. John R. Aurelio
    • Fr. David W. Bialkowski
    • Fr. Robert J. Biesinger
    • Fr. James H. Cotter
    • Fr. Joseph P. Friel
    • Fr. Fred D. Ingalls
    • Fr. Gerald C. Jasinski
    • Fr. Timothy J. Kelley
    • Fr. Bernard M. Mach
    • Fr. Loville N. Martlock
    • Fr. Norbert Orsolits
    • Fr. James A. Spielman
    • Fr. William F. White
    • Previously, Bishop Richard Malone announced that monetary settlements would be given to victims of abuse, and according to a spokesman for the Buffalo Diocese, Bishop Malone is seriously considering the call to release the names of the abusive priests to the public