The dangers of texting and driving

By D. Aponte, Columnist


Since the modern cell phone became popular in the early

2,000s, texting has become the most popular among the cell

phone users. However, with the cell phone, many casualties have

Occurred, causing a growing number of serious accidents, while

texting and driving, because of growing numbers of accidents and



Laws have been passed, including New York state laws. As

early as 2011, at least 23% of auto collisions involved cell phone

texting and driving at the same time, which is now considered

intextication in some states in the U.S.. Distracted driving has

become common place, as people use their cell phone (texting)

and driving simultaneously.



According to government statistics, more then 3,000 deaths

and 40,000 injuries are caused by distracted drivers, texting and

using their cell phones, while driving each year.



Texting while driving is 6 times more dangerous then driving

while intoxicated. Currently, 25% of car crashes involved cell



On average, teenagers send and receive more then 2,000

texts per month. Texting is the number 1 driving distraction

reported by teens. Because of texting and driving (intextication),

are the leading cause of teen deaths. Texting and driving, also

known as "Intextication", causes 11 teen deaths daily.


Many states have recognized the dangers of distracted

driving, while texting passed laws regulations on cell phone

texting use, while driving a vehicle. Effective November 1, 2014,

violations are in effect as follows: First Violation, the minimum

penalty is $50.00, maximum penalty is $200.00, the second

violation is, the minimum $50.00, the maximum $250.00 within

18 months, the third offense, or subsequent offense within 18

months, maximum $50.00, maximum $450.00, plus points added

to your drivers license and also includes a surcharge of $93.00.


Penalties for probationary and junior drivers with class DJ or MJ

driver license or learner permit, effective Nov. 1, 2014, the first

conviction of a cell phone use or texting violation will result in a

suspension of a driver license or permit for 120 days. - A second

conviction within six month restoration of the license or permit

(after 120 day suspension is terminated) will result in - a

revocation of atleast 1 year of a probationary license, or -

a revocation of atleast1 year for a class DJ or MJ driver license or

learner permit.


On July 2014, Carlos was driving his motorcycle down an

intersection, on his way to meet his father and brother for lunch,

just when he was about to make a left turn into the restaurant

parking lot, a man driving a blue Nissan was going straight

towards him (Carlos) on the motorcycle while the driver was

texting on his cell phone, totally distracted, causing a serious

accident, by running Carlos over on his motorcycle, pinning him

under the truck, crushing his left leg, resulting in three

reconstructive surgeries in Carlos' right leg, eventually disabling

him, ruining Carlos career and totally changing and disrupting his



In 2013, a woman and her four year old son, were taking a

routine daily afternoon walk, at the same time a teenage young

man was driving down the road, his girlfriend at the same time,

sent him a text message, he immediately responded; as he was

texting and driving at the same time, he lost total control of his

vehicle and ran the four year old boy and the four year old boys

mother and killed the four year old boy instantly and severally injured the his mother.


In 2013, a young teenage girl was driving home in her new

car, along with her friend and she received a text message from

her mother, checking up on her, she responded by texting back

and as she was responding to her moms, she was distracted by

texting, she lost control of her car and caused a serious car crash,

injuring herself and her friend..


Texting and driving should be prohibited altogether.

Cell phones should be turned off and placed in the glove

compartment of their vehicle, until the driver reaches his or her

destination, by doing so and following the law of not texting and

usage of the cell phones while driving, can prevent future chaos

and devastating casualties from happening. Stay safe!


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