Buffalo, New York Is My Wonderful City

Buffalo, N.Y., well known for its location right on the border of Canada and its bi-polar weather, one minute the weather is nice with clears skies, the next, raining and no snow, well into the 40s, the next   minute the weather is nice with clears skies, the next, raining and no snow, well into the 40s, the next it’s snowing, extremely windy and well into the 20s; you will get accustomed to this kind of unpredictable weather, after residing here for a good amount of years, especially if you were born and raised here. Some people complain, but no one can control Mother Nature, this is how it is here in the sister city. I love it here in Buffalo, N.Y., because of its four seasons: Winter, spring, Summer and Fall. I don’t know about you, my favorite time of the season, is in the Fall, when the trees display

its beautiful shades of colorful leaves of orange, yellow, red and brown, and gracefully shed off the trees, blowing and scattering all over the ground, adding a picturesque view of the city and its natural beauty. As for the people, there’s a lot of diversity in race, religion and culture.

If you’re creative and adventurous, believe me you, you will not get bored, there’s plenty of public transportation where you can go wherever you would like to go, with plenty of places to explore nice things to do, such as, the Buffalo Zoo, Science Museum, History Museum, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, all the way to exploring Buffalo’s downtown district, to enjoy a good play at Shea’s Performing Arts, and enjoy a delicious dinner at a good variety of restaurants, like the popular, “Anchor Bar”; you can also take a good walk or catch a ride on the train and get off to view the authentic historical building structures, such as Lafayette Square, the Liberty Building, you can also walk over to Buffalo’s City Hall, and go into the many antique elevators all the way up to the top and take in the amazing scenic view of the entire city.

There is also the, “Ice at Canalside”, a spacious ice-skating rink for the whole family to enjoy, open all winter long from 10:00am to 7:00pm; last, but not least, you can take a nice ride down I90 to Ft. Erie Canal, Fantasy Island, Seminole Casino in Niagara Falls, N.Y, where there is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World, “Niagara Falls scenic route”, with it’s beautiful scenic view of the Horse Shoe falls, with the bright colorful rainbow lights at night, illuminating both sides of the falls, including Canada, from across the border. This sister city connects to the Peace Bridge, straight into Canada, leading to the beautiful city of Ontario, Canada. Yes, the great benefits of living in or visiting the wonderful

city Of Buffalo, New York.

By D. Aponte, Columnist

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