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Models present creations by fashion house Fashion East on the second day of the Spring/Summer 2020 London Fashion Week Men's fashion event in London on June 9, 2019. (Photo by Niklas HALLE'N / AFP)

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Some of the bands offered are: Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vitton, Gucci, Boost, Nike and Parra to name a few

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Public health officials in Oregon said Wednesday that a person who recently died of a severe respiratory illness had used an electronic cigarette containing marijuana oil from a legal dispensary, the second death linked to vaping nationwide and the first tied to a vaping product bought at a pot shop.

Officials have not determined what sickened the middle-aged adult, whether the product was contaminated or whether they may have added something to the liquid in the device after buying it, said Dr. Ann Thomas with the Oregon Health Authority.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Google will pay $170 million to settle allegations its YouTube video service collected personal data on children without their parents’ consent.

The company agreed to work with video creators to label material aimed at kids and said it will limit data collection when users view such videos, regardless of their age.

Some lawmakers and children’s advocacy groups, however, complained that the settlement terms aren’t strong enough to rein in a company whose parent, Alphabet, made a profit of $30.7 billion last year on revenue of $136.8 billion, mostly from targeted ads.

Google will pay $136 million to the Federal Trade Commission and $34 million to New York state, which had a similar investigation. The fine is the largest the FTC has levied against Google, but it’s tiny compared with the $5 billion fine against Facebook this year for privacy violations.

YouTube “baited kids with nursery rhymes, cartoons, and more to feed its massively profitable behavioral advertising business,” Democratic Commissioner Rohit Chopra said in a tweet. “It was lucrative, and it was illegal.”

The federal government has increased scrutiny of big tech companies in the past two years — especially questioning how the tech giants collect and use personal information from their billions of customers. Many of the huge Silicon Valley companies are also under antitrust investigations aimed at determining whether the companies have unlawfully stifled competition.

Kids under 13 are protected by a 1998 federal law that requires parental consent before companies can collect and share their personal information.

Tech companies typically skirt that by banning kids under 13 entirely, though such bans are rarely enforced. In YouTube’s lengthy terms of service, those who are under 13 are simply asked, “please do not use the Service.”

Yet many popular YouTube channels feature cartoons or sing-a-longs made for children. According to the FTC, YouTube assigned ratings to its video channels and even had a “Y″ category directed at kids ages 7 or under, but YouTube targeted ads to those kids just as they would adults.

The FTC’s complaint includes as evidence Google presentations describing YouTube to toy companies Mattel and Hasbro as the “new Saturday Morning Cartoons” and the ”#1 website regularly visited by kids.”

“YouTube touted its popularity with children to prospective corporate clients,” FTC Chairman Joe Simons said. But when it came to complying with the law, he said, “the company refused to acknowledge that portions of its platform were clearly directed to kids.”

According to the settlement, Google and YouTube will get “verifiable” consent from parents before they collect or use personal information from children. The company also agreed not to use data collected from children before.

YouTube has its own service for children, YouTube Kids. The kids-focused service already requires parental consent and uses simple math problems to ensure that kids aren’t signing in on their own.

YouTube Kids does not target ads based on viewer interests the way the main YouTube service does. But the children’s version does track information about what kids are watching in order to recommend videos. It also collects personally identifying device information.

On Wednesday, Google said that starting early next year, YouTube will also limit personalized ads on its main service for videos meant for kids. Google is relying on video creators to label such items, but will employ artificial intelligence to help.

YouTube won’t seek parental consent there, however, even on videos intended for children. YouTube is avoiding that precaution by instead turning off any personal tracking on those videos, saying it will collect only what is needed to make the service work. For such videos, YouTube also won’t offer features like comments and notifications.

Videos made for kids will still feature ads — just not the targeted, personal ads that generally bring in the most money for video creators.

“I think there has been a general anxiety of the kids and family community of creators on YouTube for quite some time,” said Chris Williams, CEO and founder of pocket.watch, a studio that works with many popular YouTube child stars, including Ryan ToysReview.

Pocket.watch helps YouTube stars expand beyond the streaming site and find new lines of business, from consumer products to network TV shows. Williams expects that business to become more important. But YouTube will still be the big way to build an audience, he said.

“It represents a part of the puzzle for your brand growth, a big one,” he said.

The settlement now needs to be approved by a federal court in Washington. As with the Facebook settlement, the FTC vote was 3-2, with both Democrats opposing it as too weak.

Sen. Edward Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, said the settlement won’t turn YouTube into a safe place for children and “makes clear that this FTC stands for ‘Forgetting Teens and Children.’”

A coalition of advocacy groups that helped trigger the investigation said the outcome will reduce behavioral advertising targeting children.

Jeff Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, said the settlement “finally forced Google to confront its longstanding lie that it wasn’t targeting children on YouTube.”

But he said the “paltry” fine signals that politically powerful corporations can break the law without serious consequences.

Other critics, including dissenting Democratic Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter, said too much responsibility was being placed on video creators to classify their own content as kid-oriented, and thus limited to less-lucrative ads. They say that potentially allows Google to turn a blind eye as some try to cheat the system to make more money through ad revenue sharing.

Andrew Smith, the FTC’s consumer protection director, acknowledged that concern as valid, but said YouTube “has strong incentives to police its platform” to avoid further action.

Google is already under a 2011 agreement with the FTC that barred it from mispresenting its privacy policy and subjected the company to 20 years of regular, independent privacy audits. Google was fined $22.5 million in 2012 for violating that settlement when the FTC found it improperly used tracking cookies on Apple’s Safari browser.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — El reggaetonero puertorriqueño Ozuna encabeza por segundo año consecutivo la lista de nominados a los Latin American Music Awards, con nueve menciones que incluyen artista del año y artista masculino favorito. El “Rey de la Bachata” Romeo Santos y el astro del trap boricua Bad Bunny le siguen de cerca con ocho candidaturas cada uno, mientras que el rapero Anuel AA recibió siete.

La Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizárraga obtuvo cinco nominaciones, Marc Anthony, Maluma, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee y Sebastián Yatra cuatro y con tres figuran Becky G, Rosalía, Pedro Capó, Wisin & Yandel, DJ Snake y Drake.


ALAMEDA, California, EE.UU. (AP) — El receiver Antonio Brown no estaba con los Raiders de Oakland cuatro días antes de su primer partido de la temporada, en medio de reportes de que podría ser suspendido por un altercado con el gerente general Mike Mayock.

Mayock dijo al inicio de la práctica el jueves que Brown no se encontraba en las instalaciones de los Raiders y que no estaría entrenando un día después de publicar en redes sociales una carta del gerente general en la que detallaba casi 54.000 dólares en multas.

“Lo haré breve y conciso”, comentó Mayock. “Antonio Brown no está en el edificio hoy, no estará en el entrenamiento. No tengo más información para ustedes ahora mismo. Cuando tenga algo y sea apropiado, todos la recibirán. Pero es todo por hoy”.

Horas antes, la cadena ESPN reportó que los dos habían tenido un altercado el día anterior por la publicación de la carta y que los Raiders planeaban suspender a Brown. Los equipos tienen el derecho bajo el convenio colectivo para suspender a los jugadores hasta por cuatro partidos a causa de una conducta nociva para el equipo.

Una suspensión también invalidaría los más de 29 millones de dólares en garantías en las próximas dos temporadas, incluidos en el contrato de Brown con los Raiders.

“No voy a hablar de eso ahora”, señaló el entrenador Jon Gruden. “Tendremos un anuncio oficial más tarde”.

Gruden dijo que estaba frustrado por la situación pero que el equipo está listo para arrancar la temporada sin Brown, en caso de que sea necesario. Los Raiders pasaron gran parte del campamento de entrenamiento sin la presencia de Brown debido a una congelación en las plantas de los pies y una disputa con la NFL por su modelo de casco.

Es el suceso más reciente de una primera temporada dramática en Oakland para Brown, quien aún no juega un partido con su nuevo equipo.

Los Raiders adquirieron al productivo receiver luego de una separación controversial con Pittsburgh. Oakland sólo cedió selecciones de la tercera y quinta ronda del Draft por el jugador y le dieron un aumento considerable con un nuevo contrato por tres años y 50,125 millones de dólares.


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